Who We Are

Momobeam was founded in 2011 by Joe IT9HBT who decided to follow his passion for radio and contests, with the purpose of improve the antenna setup to achieve higher and higher goals. Thanks to the synergy with other OM and collaborators, Joe has become a respected antennas manufacturer who pays great attention to the quality of his projects and to the durability of the materials used.

The business was initially focused on advicing activities and customization of antenna systems for Contest Teams; it has given birth to numerous collaborations with top Teams such as D4C, which led to numerous records, II9P and IY4FGM.

After a first phase characterized by an artisan production, Momobeam has industrialized the production process, creating mechanical solutions of high quality and robustness that applied to the entire range of products designed and manufactured previously.

Thanks to several tests on performance and mechanical characteristics under all weather conditions, it is a fact that the Momobeam antennas are built to work well for many years.

Now Momobeam counts many satisfied customers in Italy and Europe thanks to a growing sales network, but our antennas are beginning to be appreciated outside Europe, from California to Greenland, and there is no doubt about the fact that this happens thanks to the design and the construction quality.

The positive feedbacks from our customers are were our dedication comes from and they are what leads us towards new goals.